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What file permissions do I need for my CGI script?

CGIs must be set with executable file permissions or else requests for the script from the web server will result in an Internal Server error. Scripts that need to be executable should have their permission set with chmod 755. This sets the file's permissions so that the file's owner may read, write, and execute the file, and anyone else can only read and execute it.

Configuring CGI Scripts Using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

To execute cgi-bin or cgi-sys scripts under a secure connection, you must submit a support request to activate SSL for your account.

How do I call a CGI Script Securely

NOTE: You can start calling your scripts securely after we have activated SSL for your CGI-BIN directory.

Using your local CGI-BIN, your path would look like this:

The represents the server your domain is hosted on. If you would like to use securely, you first need to:

1. Save a copy of this script on your local hard drive.

2. Upload the file into your local /cgi-bin directory.

3. Then, instead of calling the universal /cgi-sys directory, you would call your own /cgi-bin directory.

It will look something like this:

NOTE: You do NOT include the extension of your domain (ie. '.com', '.net', '.org').

What is your server path to PERL and Sendmail?

Our server path to PERL is: !/usr/local/bin/perl

The path to the Sendmail program is: /usr/lib/sendmail


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