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Welcome to!

Because we realize that getting started with a new website often offers many challenges, we wanted to take this opportunity to help you with the basic setup of your new account at, as well as become more familiar with the features that are available to you through your online Control Panel.

Quick Links:
Changing your Password.
Setting Up Your E-mail Accounts.
Accessing your E-mails Online.
Accessing your E-mails through an E-mail Client.
Uploading your Site to Our Servers.
Using your File Manager.
Comprehensive Online Support.

Changing your Password

One of the first things you may want to do is change your password to something that is easier to remember.

1. Enter your Domain Manager by going to your ip_address/menu and entering the username and password that we provided you with.

2. Click on the Change Password icon.


When you change your password, remember the following:

1. Your password can only be 8 characters long.

2. If you change the password of your account in your control pannel it does not change the passwords of mysql or your frontpage extensions.

3. If you forget your frontpage passwords. You can uninstall and reinstall the extensions and it will take the current password of the account.

4. If you forgot or need your mysql password changed you must email support.

Setting Up Your E-Mail Accounts

Enter your Domain Manager and click on the Mail Manager link.

Once you are in the Mail Manager, you will notice that you already have a default mailbox and also a mailbox with your username that was setup with the account.

The default box acts as a catchall box and it is automatically set up to forward to the mailbox with your username. If you do not wish to use the mailbox with your username, you can delete this address by clicking on the link for this address on the left side of the screen. Once you do this, you will also need to do one of two things, either setup a new mailbox and have your default mail forwarding to that box, or enter the default box through the link to it on the left and set that box to Bounce Default e-mail (i.e. reject all e-mail that does not have an address.)

NOTE: The default mailbox is setup to get all e-mail addressed to that do not have mailboxes setup for them. For example, you use and someone sends an e-mail to This message would be forwarded to the default box.

To add a new e-mail address:

1. Click on the New Address link on the left-hand side of the page.

2. Enter a username for the account. This will be the e-mail address without the

3. Setup a password for the specific e-mail address. This can be whatever you would like it to be.

4. When you are finished, click Add.

Using Web Mail Check to check your e-mails online.

Now you can send and receive your emails through any browser connected to the internet! Web Based Email (Web Mail Check) is an email access program that provides a convenient way to manage email and works in conjunction with the Mail Manager tool in the Control Panel. Once you have setup email accounts through the Mail Manager as described above, are ready to access your mail boxes through any web browser. To access your emails online, you need to login to your User Panel by typing

NOTE: You can check your emails online after your DNS are updated and start resolving to our servers. So, if you just signed up with us, your Web Mail might not work. DNS are usually updated within 24-48 hours and your Web Mail should start working in 1-2 days. To get our DNS information, please click here.

Set up your e-mail client to retrieve the e-mail
from the addresses that you just created.

While there are a large number of e-mail clients available for you to use, we have screen shots for a few of the more popular programs for your assistance. Please click on the link below for the e-mail client that you are using. You will need the username and password for the e-mail account that you just setup, as well as the outgoing mail server (SMTP server) provided by your ISP so that you will be able to send e-mail messages.

E-mail Clients

Outlook for Mac

Netscape Communicator

Publishing your Site

The first, and probably most important of all the steps is to get your website published to the internet.  Because there are many programs that will allow you to upload your site, we explain the step by step processes using actual screen shots.  Below is a list of programs that we currently explain (Note: If the program that you are using is not listed here, you can still use it, we have simply not added it to our list yet.) 


Publishing Tools



FTP Clients

NOTE: When you upload your site to the Internet., you will want to make sure that you name your main page index.html, as this is how our system will recognize your page. Also, make sure that you are uploading your site into the www directory.

Using your File Manager

If you would prefer not to use any of the programs above, we do offer the ability to upload your sight using the File Manager, located within your Domain Manager.

Here are the steps you will go through if you would like to use this for uploading your pages:

1. Enter your Domain Manager by going to your ip_address/menu and entering the username and password that we provided you with.

2. Click on the File Manager link.

3. Once you are in the File Manager click on the www directory.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see: Send this file (max size 10240K):

5. If you click on the link to browse, you will be able to search for your stored web pages on your hard drive. You will need to upload your pages on at a time using this method.

6. Find your pages and select the Upload option. Once you do this, you will be able to view your pages on the Internet. Repeat this process for each one of your web pages.

You are now finished uploading your site!

Further Information

Now that you have uploaded your site to the Internet and have set up all of your e-mail addresses, you are ready to go.

If you have any other questions that were not answered here, please take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the rest of our support website.

If there are still questions that you canít find answers to, please click on the icon above or fill out our online Support Request Form and our technical support team will get back to you ASAP.


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