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As an independent reseller for you have all the advantages of a Web Presence Provider without the operating costs. You will provide your clients with customer service, pricing, technical support, and billing, while we remain anonymous to your customers.

Run Your Own Web Hosting Company

  • Huge Margins: incredible discounts on our already low, low prices.
  • Independence: Your own nameservers ( and
  • Customization: The ability to customize the look and feel of the Control Panel to match your company's identity. This allows you to offer your clients a Control Panel with your company's information.
  • Control Panel: The ability to add additional domains in real time (within minutes). This gives you more control and faster turn around time for your clients. Through your Control Panel you will have a list and detailed billing history of all of your resold domains .

  • Superior Connectivity: Redundant, OnNet connection to Qwest, GTE and Frontier Global Center.

We want you to spend less time supporting your clients so you can spend more time selling new accounts!

How it works:

Step 1: Sign up for our Reseller Account here. There are no other initiation fees to become a reseller. It comes with your own nameserver and a GUI control panel allowing you to manage your own reseller domain with the click of your mouse. The Reseller Account also comes with the special functionality allowing you to setup and administer your clients domains. You can make use of our automated system to set up your clients' accounts instantaneously once you receive their order. Furthermore, there is no need to buy accounts in advance. You can pay-as-you-grow, at Click here to see the plans you can resell and the price you pay for them.

Step 2: Put your name on our Control Panel and pass it on to your clients! That way, you can offer's functionality without losing your identity as an independent reseller! By giving your clients our Control Panel, you save time by not having to manage their accounts.

Step 3: Setup your web site and begin advertising the new benefits of your service. Remember, as a reseller our advantages become your advantages. You can advertise our great connection, NOC, tools and infrastructure. We have a shopping cart solution that you can use, a site creation tool and many other tools all of which become services that you can highlight in your marketing.

Step 4: Start selling hosting plans today! For instructions on how to set up your name servers and additional domains, click here.'s Obligations:

  • Provide direct technical support only to the reseller. 
  • Provide billing arrangements only to the reseller. 
  • Provide online documentation to the reseller for the support of their clients.
  • Provide the reseller with their own nameservers.

Reseller Obligations:

1. Billing: When you sign up a client in your control panel your credit card account will automatically be billed. Then you can in turn bill your client for whatever amount that you like. That gives you the ability to remain completely independent from and to design your own pricing structure. Please note that the Basik plan is always charged yearly.

2. Service Guidelines: Our Terms of Service still apply to resold accounts. You are responsible for making sure that your clients abide by these conditions. has the right to terminate any resold account or reseller for violation of these policies.

3. Support: We do not provide technical support to your clients. As a matter of fact we have no direct interaction with your clients. We remain anonymous in the background, supporting you as you support your clients.





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