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Setting up your Shopping Cart

What is Ala Shopping Cart?

Ala Shopping Cart is software that enables you to sell products and services online. It is very easy to use and comes free with our Commerce and above plans.

How can I install the Ala Shopping Cart?

Go to your Control Panel (

Click on the Shopping Cart icon

Click on the Install AlaCart button.
The system will display the following message:

    "Install AlaCart
    Operation submitted to the server for processing
    The operation will be completed within the next 10 minutes"

Activate your Shopping Cart; Go to the following Web page:

Set up your Username and Password by typing the information emailed to you by when you opened your account

6. Click on the button "Update Password"

7. Enter your Domain Name and Shopping Cart Path in the fields provided

8. Click on the button Update Path. You should get the following message:

    To setup the Shopping Cart, go to:

    To run the Shopping Cart, go to:


To establish a link to your shopping cart from your Web site, use the
following address:


To Customize your Shopping cart, use the following address:

My 'Categories' drop down box in the 'Add Product' page comes up empty.

When you add a category, you must define whether is contains subcategories or products. The default is products.

If you change it to subcategories, then it will *not* appear in the pull-down list in the add product screen.

Unfortunately, it cannot be changed after it has been created, so you will have to delete any that were incorrectly created, then recreate them correctly.

Will my added fields for a product listing appear when a category is selected, or only when you specifically click on that product?

The first listing of products only shows the pre-defined fields. When you click on the product name, it will show your added fields then.

How do I edit the pre-defined category fields? i.e. delete "Weight"?

You cannot delete the weight field. You can only leave it blank, or enter a
value for it.

How do I edit the pre-defined main headings? i.e. "Browse Catalog"?

Those too cannot be edited.

I try to add something to my basket, but when I check basket contents, it is not there.

The Shopping Cart uses cookies to track a user's ordering actions. Make sure cookies are not disabled on your browser.

The logo in the upper-left corner of the checkout page is not showing. I get a broken-link gif.

The problem is that the URL entered for the logo was entered as an absolute path, not a relative path. Since the checkout page is secure, it tries to call the insecure path, and this causes the error. To correct, go to the "Look and Feel" page of the Administration Suite. Change the "Logo URL (path and name of logo on the server):" to a relative path. For example,

If it is currently:

Change it to:


This will grab the logo in reference to the current directory (s-cart) and correct the problem. The "../" at the beginning refers to the /your_domain-www directory on the server.

There is no 'Add to Basket' button on my Shopping Cart program.

Make sure that the Cart is being called on port 7070. If it is called on the default port (80), sometimes the 'Add to Basket' button will not appear.

Here is the format of the URL to call the program:

To change this, perform the following steps:

(1) Go to:
(you will have to enter your username and password to enter this page)

(2) Change the URL to

(3) Under "Change Paths", enter your username and password, and after "Your Domain Name", add :7070 to the end of your domain name.

(4) Click "Update Path".

How do I change my password?

(1) Go to:
(you will have to enter your username and password to enter this page)

(2) Change the URL to

(3) Under "Change Password", enter your current username and password, and your new password twice.

(4) Click "Update Password".

My domain name is not registered yet.  Can I still setup my shopping cart?

Yes, this is no problem.  Just tell support when they install the cart for you, and they will make the cart use the IP number.  After the name is registered, you can change the cart to use the domain name:

(1) Go to: http://your_ipnumber:7070/s-cart/admin/index.phtml
(you will have to enter your username and password to enter this page)

(2) Change the URL to http://your_ipnumber:7070/s-cart/admin/setup.phtml

(3) Under "Change Paths", enter your username and password, and after "Your Domain Name", change the IP number to

(4) Click "Update Path".


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